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All our products come with "5 YEARS WARRANTY"

Sales & Service of all types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

ACarlos Refrigeration’s aim is to provide all our customers with the highest quality in Service and Repairs of Commercial Refrigeration, & cool Rooms with year round value for money pricing. We are offering the most Reliable & Professional services for the repairing and maintenance of all types of Refrigeration equipment: Cool Rooms, Commercial Fridges, Under bar Cabinets, Freezers etc.

Our Services

Commercial Refrigeration Fridge & Freezer Repairs

You own commercial chest freezers in Sydney and commercial fridge in Sydney and you seem to be experiencing some issues with the refrigeration in Sydney and commercial freezers in Sydney.

Cool Rooms

If you are planning a small or big event, or there are a couple events happening, you want to reach out to coolroom installers to get a durable, portable cool room that can be taken on hire or you buy it and you take it to the place where the party or event is happening.

Ice Making Machines

Who doesn’t want a good ice maker at home? Or even say ice machines? If you are looking for an ice maker in Sydney or ice machines in Sydney that is perfected for a kitchen in a larger commercial unit or even a house in Sydney, NSW, then you should connect with ACarlos Refrigeration.

Some Of The Partner Brands

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